all this knowledge!

We have fled the city for the weekend to get a good start with all the literature we have to dig our way through! I couldn’t help but laugh a little when I read Caroline Haythornthwaite & Ronald E. Rice: “Perspectives on Internet use: Access, Involvement and Interaction.

According to some of the studies they refer to online communities “May induce careless, irresponsible, and even anti-social behavior” because users interact with people they don’t know… But on the other hand it’s a great place for people with “physical handicaps, diseases or even poor social skills” to meet others…

Anyway all the books have got our minds going. If the first online communities were places where people met because of a shared interest, and todays communities are social networks where users hang out with people they already know, then how are we gonna get total strangers to collaborate on shared projects? Are we going “back in time” / ignoring the digital evolution of communites? Or is collaborative productions a natural next step after social networking sites?   



About wearesospeciale

From September 2012 to March 2013 we will be writing our Master Thesis. We are both Digital Design and Communication students at the IT-University in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here you will be able to follow our process, and when we get to the point of concept development we hope that you will share your ideas, criticism and general input with us.

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