Storyplanet made me find all kind of cool people and projects!

Today I’m actually not working on our thesis. Instead I’m at work at the über cool Storyplanet doing research , and this leads me to the discovery of all sorts of cool projects and people that are relevant to our thesis as well.

Just thought I would share a few.

Everything is a remix

“Everything is a Remix is a four-part video series about influence and appropriation in creation.” Done by Kirby Ferguson. Definitely worth checking out.



“A Festival of Indie Internet Creativity”. It just took place in Oregon. Sound like a really cool conference. Would have loooved to participate!

According to Dan Provost – the guy behind the blog – the primary goal of the blog is: “to serve as a source of inspiration to designers, architects, engineers, programmers, or anyone, really.” Seems like a blog worth following. Dan Provost is a designer and is also behind Studio Neat.

Please share any cool projects, conferences, blogs etc. with us! We will appreciate it deeply. Thanks 🙂

(PS. Let me know if you would like an invite to Storyplanet. Email me at


About wearesospeciale

From September 2012 to March 2013 we will be writing our Master Thesis. We are both Digital Design and Communication students at the IT-University in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here you will be able to follow our process, and when we get to the point of concept development we hope that you will share your ideas, criticism and general input with us.

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