More collaboration

Bar Karma

– a tv series co-created by an online community:

“The first online community-developed network television series. Online users pitch their own ideas for scenes and twists online, using a tool designed by Will Wright called the Storymaker. Some are eventually chosen by the production staff, and are utilized to help create a new episode every week.”
From wikipedia.

People collaborate on stories in with the so-called StoryMaker tool. It seems pretty cool!
“StoryMaker was developed by Will Wright, creator of the Sims. StoryMaker empowers our online community to collaboratively tell stories — stories that will ultimately be used in creating the television show, Bar Karma.”

Collaborative Arts Network

“ a creative agency and collaboration ready network where freelancers can exchange knowledge and develop the projects they love.”


Why do you do what you do?

A collaborate art project. “A role call for the human race”… “As a Collaborating Artist, you’ll be perpetuating the social-media meme. You can have your own gallery on that features a particular community attributed with your byline”.
Have exhibited images at Burning Man among other places…


Snail mail my email

A collaborative art project that ran for a month in 2011. People were encouraged to send in an email that was then handwritten by a volunteer and then sent to the desired recipient. More than 10.000 letters were sent 


The Zoomquilt – A collaborative art project

“An endless zoom animation. Click and drag the image to move. The Zoomquilt was completed in 2004. It emerged from the internet platform, a site where people collaborated on patchwork paintings in earlier days of the internet. Notably drawing inspiration from Gridcosm, a similar and ongoing project, the Zoomquilt aimed to create a more seamless and immersive experience. It soon became an internet notorious, won a FWA site of the month and was featured on MTV.”




About wearesospeciale

From September 2012 to March 2013 we will be writing our Master Thesis. We are both Digital Design and Communication students at the IT-University in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here you will be able to follow our process, and when we get to the point of concept development we hope that you will share your ideas, criticism and general input with us.

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