This blog is made by Camilla Boel and Christina Jensen, both Digital Design & Communication students (MSc) at the IT-University in Copenhagen, Denmark.

From September 1st 2012 till March 1st 2013 we will be working together on our Master Thesis. Through blogposts we will share our process, thoughts and ideas from beginning till end product.

We have partnered up with Roskilde Orange Innovation, and our goal is to develop a digital concept that live up to Roskilde Festival’s values, and where users collaborate to produce “something” that has to do with music, art, and architecture.

If you want to know more about our initial starting point, area of interest and research question, go to “Research Question”. If you want to know more about co-creation, go to “Co-Creation sites” where we will collect all the cool sites we bump into along the way – and please tell us if you know of some that we don’t! And finally if you want to figure out what the Roskilde Group‘s visions and goals are for the Roskilde Festival and their future innovations check out “Roskilde”.

Please feel free to comment on everything! We appreciate any input. You are also welcome to email us at:





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