Research question



Final research question: How can we through qualitative research create a concept for an online community that fulfills Roskilde Festival’s strategic ambition and where Roskilde Festival’s target group is motivated to participate and collaborate 365 days a year?



Working title: 

A digital platform for co-created experiences

Area of interest: 

“Our activities should always consist of playful, educating communities. It’s all about moving and changing people – to inspire and develop. We are not here solely to entertain, but to make a difference in people’s lives.” 

These words are part of Roskilde Festival’s values and goals for 2015 and 2020.

Each year more than 100.000 people take part in Roskilde Festival – a week long culture and music festival. The first festival took place in 1971 and since then it has grown to be one of Europe’s biggest festivals for culture and music. Even though music is at the center of attention, the festival is much more than just concerts (around 170 bands play) – the festival is about the atmosphere, about creating a society outside of society, it’s about art, food, love, it’s about the orange feeling.

Behind Roskilde Festival is the Roskilde Festival Foundation which is part of the larger Roskilde Festival Group. The Roskilde Festival Group has very recently created the unit Orange Innovation led by former head of development at Roskilde Festival Esben Danielsen. The purpose of Orange Innovation is “to create innovations outside of the festival’s current area of expertise”.

One of Orange Innovation’s visions is to create a digital platform. An online community where people work together. A place where social movements can be started. A place that moves and changes people, where everybody works together and thereby gain inspiration and personal development – a place that will make a difference in people’s lives. In other words: a digital experience that live up to the same goals as the physical festival.

Our idea is not to make a new digital platform for the existing Roskilde Festival. Our goal is to come up with an independent digital concept, that share the same goals and visions – and to some extend target group – as the festival. The digital concept and the Roskilde Festival should not be interdependent, meaning that the digital concept would be able to exist even though the physical Roskilde Festival decided to close up tomorrow.

Roskilde Festival, as well as many other organisations and companies, have a digital presence that primarily revolves around their physical product. Roskilde Festival’s website and social media profiles’ main focuses are to inform about and sell their product: tickets to Roskilde Festival. But what if you turned it around? What if you created an independent digital concept that shared goals and visions with the physical product, but with a life of its own?

This leads us to the following research question:

Research question

How can we create a digital platform where users engage in co-creation and gain experiences that live up to Roskilde Festival’s values?


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