Roskilde Orange Innovation

Roskilde Orange Innovation is the newest addition to the Roskilde Group. Roskilde Group consists of a range of organizations and associations around Roskilde Festival.

The purpose of ROI is: “to create innovations outside of Roskilde Festival’s current area of expertise.”

For this project we have partnered up with Esben Danielsen, Innovation Director at ROI.

Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Group is centered around Roskilde Festival. Roskilde Festival is Northern Europe’s biggest festival for music and culture. The festival started in 1971, and each year more than 100.000 participate in the one week festival.

The festival is non-profit. Any profit is donated to humanitarian and cultural projects.

Values, ambitions and goals

The Roskilde Group has defined a set of ambitions and goals which should be shared by all events and projects. Roskilde Festival and our concept will thereby share values, ambitions and goals.

Some of the main visions:
“We want to create open, playful and socially committed human beings.”

We want to build socially and culturally meaningful communities… by actively involving young people in the unique activities we create – an interaction between music, art, architecture, play and community.

“We want to foster active participation.”


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